Committed to quality, delivering on promise.

At HERBAL CREATIONS, our state-of-the-art facility and top qualified staff enable us to custom formulate exceptional vitamins and nutraceuticals for our client-partners’ private label products. HERBAL CREATIONS creates superior and effective formulas that allow our client’s health and wellness supplementation business to grow.

Innovative formulas for weight loss, anti-aging, sports nutrition, pet products, energy, antioxidant, stress relief, life extension, immune enhancement, brain, cleansing and cholesterol products, and hundreds of herbal remedies are all available and customizable through HERBAL CREATIONS laboratories and facility.

HERBAL CREATIONS’s invaluable assistance in regulatory compliance, strategic marketing, product positioning and implementation from package design through distribution, help bring your health supplement line of products to life. HERBAL CREATIONS offers the advantage and commitment that ensures you, our client-partner, success.